SOLARlROOF premium

flat roof tiles

120 Wp the most competitive priced aesthetic solutions for flat tiles

MWT technology explained

Sunport Power, the producer of our laminate, has successfully developed and patented high efficient solar cells and modules based on next generation MWT (metal wrap through) technology with GW-scale production capacity.

This laminate is produced on the Euromax production line, developed and designed in the Netherlands


Solar cells used in our SOLARlROOF

Features of the MTW technology

  • High Reliability
    Conductive back sheet’s 2D encapsulation avoids welding stress and micro crack, resulting lower degradation under multiple harsh testing conditions
  • High Mechanical Loading Tolerance
    Mechanical Load: 5400Pa(front)/2400Pa(rear)
  • Full Black
    All black design for more elegant applications
  • High Efficiency
    Busbar-free design increases cell conversion efficiency,more power output can be achieved at low irradiance conditions
  • Lead Free
    Eco-friendly PV design achieves lead-free MWT module without soldering materials

Euromax 90 by Eurotron

The Euromax 90 is a full-size industrial production tool for the manufacturing of back-contact solar panels.

Process steps:

 Upwards elevator
 Back sheet lay-up
 Printing cell interconnection
 Lay-up of rear perforated insulator
 Quality inspection
 Cell positioning
 Quality inspection
 Front encapsulant unwinding and lay-up
 Glass de-stacking and lay-up
 Downwards elevator

About Eurotron

Established in the Netherlands in 2005, Eurotron develops equipment for the back-contact manufacturing process in close cooperation with internationally operating tier-one clients. Eurotron wants to contribute to a cleaner environment. We do this by developing machines and processes for the manufacturing of solar panels in a way that generates power more efficiently. Eurotron develops and services reliable machines. The use of our equipment increases the efficiency of solar panels, adds to their lifetime, and reduces the costs they incur. An effective combination of the latest technologies results in the lowest possible cost of ownership.

Read all about the Euromax 90 and more at the website of Eurotron.