EF-SOLAR.com is about

EF-SOLAR.com is about providing as much as possible Wp integrated in the roof, in the smartest way using as less as possible CO2 in the production process, still respecting the rules of roofing with the shortest possible time to the market. We call it SOLARlROOF.

Eco-friendly PV design achieves lead-free MWT modules without soldering materials

Till 30 year insured 85,45% output warranty

Whether you go for design, budget, safety or the highest power, output, EF-SOLAR.com offers the solution.

What makes the SOLAR|ROOF so special?

In a SOLARlROOF technicaly the modules are roof tiles. It saves the cost of the tiles on the m2 where there is a SOLARlROOF.      less CO2 - less costs 

No installation costs to calculate, the installation costs of a SOLARlROOF is part of the of the roofsystem you have chosen.        less CO2  -less costs 

The SOLARlROOF It is a complete and hassle free plug and play system. No extra parts or frames are needed.        less CO2 -  less costs - no hassle

A SOLARlROOF is an integrated solar solution custom made to fit your specific roof tile, They are wind and watertight according to the same principle as the roof tiles they are made for.       better design – more esthetic

A SOLARlROOF has a unique air flow system to lower the temperature and to increase the output.       more power

A SOLARlROOF is only then released after intensive testing with a positive outcome in the area of fire resistance and wind resistance in the wind tunnel of the rooftile manufacturer.       better design – more safety – no hassle

For ever roofing was…..

For ever roofing was about protecting your home, The market was divided between a few players. 

Now roofing also starts to play a fundamental role in the energy transition. 

Due to the necessity of the energy transition all new houses will have solar on top of their roofs.  the urgency to save CO2 when building houses, results that rooftop solar panels will come under pressure in favour of roof-integrated solar. 

The roofing industry has decades of experience in wind, water and fire protection. They are the leaders and by adopting the SOLARlROOF concept, their experience will makes the difference in maintaining and further expanding their role as the leading roof suppliers. The SOLARlROOF is their strategic marketing tool.

The story of the SOLARlROOF

The SOLARlROOF is a hassle free solar solution, born in the roofing industry from Europe’s leading roof suppliers.

SOLARlROOF is becoming a standard option on existing and future roof systems. Almost all types of rooftiles will have an completely integrated SOLARlROOF solution.Tested for wind, water and fire resistance at the testing facilities of the roofing industry.

Chose the rooftile you want and the cost of the complete roof with the desired roof tile will be calculated.. Than decide the amount of Wp you need. The extra cost for the additional Wp will be settled with the costs for the roof tiles that are not needed.  Now your hassle free SOLARlROOF is ready. 

SOLARlROOF has the best solution for your solar requirements. Whatever your priorities are, aesthetics, safety, quality, price or protection, SOLARlROOF has the relevant answers and be surprised at the short payback period. 

SOLAR|ROOF in detail

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